Gen DIY just does’t like middlemen

Pink ladders and music—it’ll connect in a sec. Eric over at ideasonideas raises some good points about the music industry and where it’s at right now. He sums it up in a way that I think many people would agree with: I want to pay those who make the music, but not the people in between. But this leads to something bigger I think. We just don’t want middlemen in anything. Travel agents? See ya. I use Kayak, Expedia, and so on. Salesperson help you pick out that washer dryer? No thanks. Epinions said it sucks. Wait for the evening news? I have Twitter. Pay a designer to spruce up a family room or redo a bathroom? Ehhh, no thanks, I have Trading Spaces. This facilitating of your inner DIY is in no small part a result of the growth of search. No matter what the topic, you are now an expert with no need for middlemen.


Mark Wanczak said...

This raises a good point. I tend to think that my generation lacks the DIY skills or drive. Sure, it's one thing to use Expedia over a travel agent, we do so because it's easier and just as inexpensive.

But when it comes to changing your oil or brakes or swapping out that clogged drain pipe, how many of my fellow gen y'ers have the knowledge (readily found on the internet for most basic tasks) or motivation? (Google can't help us)

I think there's money to be made in these tasks that many deem beneath us. After all, we are supposed to be spending our extra time getting ahead in our careers, not reading a repair manual and getting our hands dirty, right?

There's certainly a balance to be found. I think our generation leans more towards the 'pay someone to do it' mentality more so than our elders.

Kris Aubuchon said...

Build a website, design a logo? Nah, I can do it myself. ;)

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