Free Subway Friday

We wish it were more glamorous than that, but it seems we have a nice collection of FREE Subway cards we need to give away while on tour. DID WE MENTION FREE? This keeps Subway the tour sponsor happy and keeps us at Plaid happy. If you win? It will keep you happy.

So here’s the deal: This Friday morning, 7/24 for three hours starting 9 am to 12:00 Noon Eastern, we will pick five people on Twitter at random and give them each one $5 dollar gift card. (15 total.)

All ya have to do: Tweet something interesting that you wrote yourself using the tags: #plaidnation and #subway

Facts, fiction, whatever. BE CREATIVE. No adult content, no illegal stuff, yatta. Basically, follow Twitter’s TOS.

The other rules:
1) Your update has to have those two tags above.
2) It must be within the hour specified. (First hour tweets end at... 10:00 am, and so on.)
3) To avoid spamming up the place, please, one tweet per person, per hour. This helps focus your brilliance into one amazing update. (So, yes, one person can have three separate tweets over the three hours, just not at once.)
4) You can only win once in the three hours.

Winners will then be asked to contact rj *at* with their winning tweet, name and valid mailing address, Winning tweets will also be viewable on Plaid’s tour blog each day.

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