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(Cross-posting this from the Plaid tour blog - because I'm lazy, and I thought you might appreciate it.)

Sometimes the difference between brand awesomeness and brand ridiculousness are the simplest decisions.

While on tour, we're getting to experience both. When we hit Kanasas City, we'll get to stay in the luxurious Q Hotel and Spa (a PlaidNation sponsor), who could teach many hoteliers a lesson in brand awesomeness. And we're counting down the days until the Q.

But until then...we're learning brand and customer experience lessons the hard way:

On some random day somewhere, some person with Soooper 8 made a decision. Was it to spend fifty cents more and supply guests with towels that aren't made from sandpaper? Nope. Was it to put a respectable sign on the elevator? Nope.

This decision involved the experience that a guest might have in the bathroom. Not soaps. Not shampoo or other niceties. Somebody said "we can add your logo to this $2 faucet, if you want", and then a Soooper 8 employee replied "absolutely."

Here's proof that branding is more than your old logo on crappy equipment. It's little decisions that affect your customer's experience every day. Thanks, Soooper 8, but I really would have preferred the non-sandpaper bath towel.

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Aaron Templer said...

Perhaps even more damaging is how terrible those pull-handle faucets work. Ever tried to get even a basic semblance of a mild stream? The thing is either on, or off. And I always feel I'm going to break it when I pull it out.

Putting a logo on such a piece of junk is not only a wasted resource (more to your point) but it stamps their approval on cheapness.

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