dad's on facebook. let's bolt.

iStrategy Labs just released some analysis of audience demographics from Facebook's Social Ads platform.

There's an amazing increase of 513.7% of the 55+ users. The bad news? 16.5% less high school students and 21.7% less college users.

If you review census data, there's a drop in population of high school students this year and next year - could this be the net effect? Or, if Facebook has become all about celebrating your past - perhaps kids don't have enough past to make it worthwhile?

Whatever - in the meantime, realize that most marketers of 55+ products and services AREN'T doing anything valuable in Facebook. Opportunity is knocking.

Thanks Ben Kunz!

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Libby said...

This made me thing of my favorite comment I heard about MySpace: "It's like Detroit: only the pedophiles and garage bands are left."

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