coke and pepsi fall in love on twitter

After years of sitting side by side on grocery store shelves and 7-11 coolers, you kind of wonder how they didn't fall in love before. It took the magic of social media to bring to opposites together, and romance has blossomed.

Here's how it went down:
Coke sends Pepsi a tweet. Pepsi responds. And then the Twitterverse suggests that they end the war and follow each other. And now Coke follows Pepsi. And Pepsi follow Coke.

World peace is certainly next. Twitter: turning hate into love since 2009.


Todd said...

I've always enjoyed hating Pepsi drinkers, especially Pepsi Max drinkers. Now that the war is over, I no longer feel compelled to "drink Coca-Cola" -- I'm switching to beer full-time, where the battle between Lite and Bud Light brings out my thirst.

Drink Busch FTW! (That is for the WIN - the beverage world needs winners and losers, challenges and battles; this latest development is exactly what happened to youth soccer when they stopped keeping score = every game is a tie = FAIL for all)

Sam Russell said...

Don't they always say 'Keep your friends close but your enemies closer'. The war ain't over, in fact, it's only just begun!

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