are you ready for the swedish military?

This site for the Swedish Armed Forces feels very much like a well produced console game. Incredible set design, beautiful Flash work and a series of puzzles that somehow confirm whether or not you're Armed Forces ready.

Clearly, I am not ready for the Swedish Armed Forces. Several failed puzzles and ultimately too short of an attention span to complete the test. You'll certainly do better. Thanks, Devon!


Åsk Dabitch said...

You've gotta check out the ads that go with it, when they come on TV here I snap out of zombie-mode ad try to decipher them/solve the puzzle right quick. I've managed to solve exactly one the first time I saw it. Turns out, I'm not army material. Meh! (bonus shot of me in army gear)

Oh, the print ads in buses/subways are pretty cool as well, they ask you to count all females over age X, all people over age Y and all children on the bus, then everyone weaing blue.. etc.. it gets tricky after a while.

Åsk Dabitch said...

This is the one I got right. Will you? :) Maybe it's an art director thing. hehe.örsvarsmakten-dot-2009-15-sweden

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