advertising for your comfort and protection

Can you imagine seeing this graphic on TV?

This Trojan animation for a new, improved condom is an "ad" that would never appear on U.S. television but is still finding an audience. Call it the second-standards strategy: TV spots are evolving into a series of video formats with different standards based on the privacy of the media. Broadcast TV and cable, open to the family room, get one standard -- safe fare for branding or direct response -- while the web gets more risque or informational material.

Funny thing is, the same people who might be shocked at a revealing ad on TV have no compunction about searching for explicitness online. Marketers are learning to serve both audiences.

The second-standards strategy works no matter how tame your product. Think: what are the details of your product that people might like to see in the privacy of their home? If you create only one type of spot, you miss the point. Sort of like this condom.

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