Friday, July 24, 2009
Act Now and we'll throw in the clown make-up absolutely FREE!

It is Friday and I'm having a hard time taking anything seriously. Thus, this infomercial. This might be the King of infomercials. It's the bastard child of a WWF infomercial with a county fair infomercial. There's Showers! Free BBQ! First Aid stations! Stilt walkers! Helicopter rides! Seminars! Wait, seminars? DJ Clay and Sugar Slam are naming band names one after the other and half way through they announce three more performers who were just added now, seems this infomercial is so drawn out that they're signing bands as it's being recorded. The whole infomercial media for this gathering seems wrong and the way it is delivered is so close to parody that SNL would do well to take notes.

Happy Friday.


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