youtube lets you link your videos to anywhere

Starting today, you can add links to your YouTube videos that link to the outside world. Like away from YouTube. Think call to action.

YouTube hearts marketing. :) This is a good day in the YouTube-iverse.

(Silly teen girls for your enjoyment only. They have nothing to do with this post. But I guess they like to touch their hair.)


Todd said...

Couldn't find how to do it to one of my vids, then I realized "you do have to be a paying YouTube advertiser" for this to work. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL!

darryl ohrt said...

Oh....totally agree. C'mon, YouTube!

Mitali Pattnaik said...

very cool that youtube has finally caught on to the fact that you cant "cage" web traffic so you might as well monetize it

fem said...

I love your site. I always find lots of compelling things to read that I am interested in, that I haven't read before. To me that = great.

I gave this article a RT on Twitter (I'm /M_30)....and then I updated it to reflect Todd's point.

Libby said...

I think YouTube has done a noteworthy job in creating some very strategic partnerships and cross-promotions along the way.

They're doing what they need to do to make sure they stay relevant, and remain a part of whatever's current. (And maybe make a buck or two along the way).

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