you wouldn't do that, if you were sober

Here's a spot from an excellent campaign hitting the U.K. showing how stupid you can become after a good night of binge drinking. Simple and effective.


Ms. Herr / @MsHerr said...

Pretty powerful commercial. It always struck me as odd that people seemed to be amused by telling (and hearing) these drunk times stories, but witnessing them is less amusing.

The topic is not gender specific, yet his particular spot feels somewhat male-specific. While a female can certainly display the same behaviors, the male lead here is so convincing with his antics that they, and thus the issue, feel decidedly more masculine. I'd love to see a spot in which the lead was female, and the songs, shouts, and gestures appropriately adapted.

missrenee said...

i agree with ms. herr. this commercial is really effective (and i don't even drink) and it's screaming for a female version. thanx for posting!

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