wifi for your camera

Soon, we'll shoot photos and they'll go directly to the internet.

In the meantime, the folks at Eye-Fi have invented a cool device that is part memory card, part wifi card. The device connects to 25 online sharing sites, including Flickr. Sounds like something you need.


Kelly said...

This is like the option on my gps for uploading pictures. completely unnecessary. I don't know when I'll ever be using the gps in the car to navigate that I'll look to the person in the passenger seat and tell them they can scan through the pictures that I uploaded.
I think uploading pictures to flickr or facebook is already simple, but I do notice that it is time consuming for some people so this might help them expedite the process.

PixelHead said...

I heard about these chips a while ago, but have been waffling about getting one. Like Kelly suggest, I like the idea of saving time using one, but I normally take a ton of pics that are not flickr worthy, so I think I would get way too much crap on my account.

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