what's a browser?

Google asks 50 random pedestrians in New York City what a browser is. No surprise - only 8% actually got the answer right.

Ironically, many people thought that Google was a browser. And they weren't talking about Chrome.

This reminds me of the time I heard a client ask a co-worker "do I have the Google on my computer?" Remember this, the next time you're trying to explain Twitter to your boss.


Anonymous said...

This has no point. Good job Google.

Gavin Heaton said...

A couple of years ago I was surprised to see that the main search keyword driving traffic to my website was my actual web address. Then I realised that's the way people use the web. They start with the Google homepage and type the address they want into Google search. Heaven forbid if you asked people what a location bar is.

darryl ohrt said...

I had a similar experience with a client a couple of years ago. We had just launched a site for him, and I was on the phone telling him it was live.

Client: It's not loading for me.
Me: Are you sure? Can you refresh?
(repeat several times.)

Lots of back and forth, troubleshooting, double-checking all browsers, and I finally got to the bottom of it:

He was typing the url for the site that just launched minutes ago into the Google search field. :)

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