vw tweet analyzer

VW has a fun set of new banner ads that analyze your tweets and tell you which VW might suit you best. I like that it put me in something black and fast.

Hopefully you won't get the beige Jetta Wagon. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) From Red Square Agency


the girl Riot™ said...

that's fun, but of all the irony--it doesn't let me post my results as a tweet?

Todd said...

I'm a red, convertible Beetle... FAIL!

Cory O'Brien said...

I love that VW is integrating social media into their campaigns in new and unique ways. Rather than just saying 'tweet this' or 'friend that', they're using the data that these networks make available to really customize the user experience and provide better product recomendations. Let's just hope that this is laying the groundwork for companies to start using social network data to advertise to us in a way that we might actually be interested in.

(I was also a fan of their Facebook campaign, which was similar to the Twitter banners in that it matched you up with a VW based on your social data: http://thefutureofads.com/2009/05/20/volkswagen-lets-you-meet-the-volkswagens-on-facebook/)

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