twitter staff not addicted to twitter

ReadWriteWeb has an interesting post on how the employees of Twitter don't use the tool as aggressively as some of their more ardent fans.

ReadWriteWeb believes that it could be a problem that Twitter employees don't tweet as much, don't follow as many people, or don't follow the known Twitter community of developers.

Twitter CEO Evan Williams thinks differently, and responds to Marshall's points in the piece. An interesting read, and proof that everyone has their own perspective on how best to use Twitter.

I like that Evan Williams believes that 1000 people is "the right number" of people to follow. The Twitter users who see this all as a contest might learn a little something from that statement.


Cory O'Brien said...

While I don't think the Twitter staff needs to be addicted power users, I think this does highlight the fact that they should create a group of trusted individuals to bounce new ideas off of (such as the revised reply handling) so that they can get input from those that are. RRW brought up a valid point, in that Twitter is looking at their own service from a specific viewpoint, so it'll be interesting to see what, if anything, Twitter does with that input.

Dwight Co said...

They're selling a product and if they don't use it themselves, what reason should other people then?

But of course, twitter's already an internet I'm not sure if its impact is that severe.

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