sprint: official plaidnation sponsor

The PlaidNation tour is only FORTY-EIGHT DAYS away. That's like less than fifty. There's a massive army of ninjas getting everything ready behind the scenes at Plaid.

In the meantime, you should know that Sprint has joined Ford Motors as an official sponsor of the tour! We'll be streaming more content than ever this year and it will all be made possible by Sprint!

Look: There's even an official quote from Rich Pesce, Manager of Social Media for the brand:

"The Plaid Nation tour is the perfect event to showcase what's possible with a Sprint Mobile Broadband connection on our 3G network. Whether downloading pictures or music, staying connected to social networking sites, streaming video, or simply staying in-touch with friends and family during the tour, we are really excited that Sprint will be a part of the journey and to help Plaid stay connected from Detroit to New Orleans."

Thanks, Rich! We're looking forward to lighting up the internet with tons of creative goodness in just FORTY-EIGHT days!

(Brand people: not too late to get your brand on tour, too. All of the cool brands are doing it.)


RFB said...

I'm going to be one of those people that say in a few years, "Yeah - I knew Plaid before they hit the big time."

Then later when VH1 does the retrospective, I'll be interviewed:

"I'm not sure if it was Darryl's addiction to cupcakes or David always disappearing to ride his bike that brought Plaid down, but they fell so fast after their meteoric rise, it was just sad for those of watching."

Then, the reunion - the comeback, the replacement drummer.

Nice work, Plaid. Branson won't know what to do with you.

John Hawbaker said...

Does these mean you'll all be rocking the sweet new MiFi? *jealous*

Anonymous said...

“When Behind The Design returns, Plaid discovers heroin...”

(And those usb cards were definitely Tennessee Valley Road Tested and Approved™ the first year.)

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