the next best thing to being there

Online friend CB writes a nice post about how she attended Neocon. Virtually.

It's true that now thanks to Twitter, you can watch just about any conference from afar by searching the associated hashtags. So it's almost like you're waiting in the same line at restaurants, complaining about the same poor wifi, or listening to the same brilliant speakers. Who needs to travel, if your Twitter friends can do it for you?

(And of course any blog post that mentions me by name is always a brilliant piece of wonderment. Thanks, CB!)

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CB Whittemore said...

Oh, Darryl, thank you!

As much as I missed being there in person, I didn't miss the elevator lines and intense hallway crowds...

This was my first Twitter experience with a non-conference session. And, I'm really taken with the efficient ability to bring together geographically dispersed perspectives [from 14+ floors of the merchandise mart] into a palpable and visual stream. Just fascinating.

And it all started with your post!


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