news reporters realize that twitter is cool

Because people that are in love with Twitter love to talk more than 140 characters about Twitter, they've created a conference for them. 140 Character Conference brought together a bunch of Twitter lovers and media stars to do what they do best: talk endlessly about the Twitterverse.

One cool concept that apparently came out of the event is the possibility of a Twitter News Network - or TNN.

Ummmmm.....DUH. This is something we suggested back in May, and the folks at TwitterGrep created (which now sadly appears to be defunct.)

Here's an idea: CNN, NBC, whoever: instead of waxing over the possibility, why don't you create it? Next week? The tools are here (TwitterGrep was proof of concept) and the opportunity exists for a valuable tool branded with your network's name on it. (Call us if you really don't know how.)

Oh, and if you didn't make the conference, but have a secret crush on Ann Curry like I do, then you'll love the beautious shots that Brian Solis captured at the event.

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Ben Kunz said...

Last night I read Brian Solis' summary of this event and, whoa, he reports it beautifully. Several interesting idea come out - especially the conflict between people wanting "now reporting" and the need for restraint to get the facts right.

Highly recommend people click through to Solis' report on the event above.

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