like a white paper, only cooler.

ScenarioDNA has "issued a position statement." At many firms, that means that an agency CEO hired a copywriter to smooth over a bunch of senseless ramblings into a white paper that attempts to make him look smart. But not in this case.

ScenarioDNA introduces The Transformer Generation. They've successfully identified a generation and their attributes with the Transformers. Yeah - those Transformers. Super interesting perspective with a bunch of smart detail to back it up.

(We assume that they also have tickets to the new film's opening.)


Unknown said...

From some well spoken, intelligent individuals, comes a pure truth.

None of these people has been outside their television influenced upbringing. Hardship was a slurpee machine that didn't freeze, or a taquito that didn't get enough cheese.

She feels that she knows Iran, because of the cinema of a single filmmaker? WHAT?

Experience is what rounds human beings. These 'transformers' (Gen Y / Gen V / Whatever) don't have that experience. Unfortunately for them, it's obvious.

I think I need to close my office door and be a little emo now. Perhaps I'll find enlightenment at 4Chan.

Dating said...

I also from "Transformer Generation".

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