how to apply for a job in 2009

Murphy-Goode is a family-owned winery in Sonoma County. They have a short term position for a someone with stellar social media talents. And they figured they'd go about the selection process in a social media way.

Candidates submitted video applications, and now you can vote on your favorites. The only down side to this process is that it pretty much excludes anyone who is currently employed from applying...(pretty sure that you wouldn't want your boss checking out your application video.)

Otherwise, this is an interesting way to get to know a handful of candidates. We suggest that the people at Murphy-Goode seriously consider social media superstar Heather Herr. She's a long time SM friend of Plaid, who we finally had the pleasure of meeting in person at SXSW this year (yes, people really do meet in person.)

So we voted Herr. And not just because she taught us new drink concoctions while in Austin, TX. We suggest that you vote the same.


Unknown said...
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Ms. Herr / @MsHerr said...

Darryl + Plaid... You guys ROCK! What a killer show of support. Thank you! None of that seems to quite cover it, but I got nothing else. I'm speechless... and glowing. :D


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