boone oakley site = best agency site ever

This is the best ad agency web site that you've seen in a very, very, very long time. Maybe ever. The entire BooneOakley site is produced in YouTube. Yep. For real.

When creative people take an existing technology and use it in a clever, unique way, awesomeness follows. My favorite page of awesome: News. Thanks, Syd!


Ben Kunz said...

Pure genius.

Anonymous said...

See, I think it's crap.

The navigation is terrible - skipping to different parts of the video sucks and you have to click back to the home page to navigate to a different section.

They didn't do this for the user experience. They didn't do this for the ease of use. They didn't do this for the way it organizes information. And they didn't do this to make it simpler to update or communicate any useful info.

They did it solely for the novelty and for the press - without real regard for the people who'll be using it.

That is the textbook definition of a crappy idea.

Anonymous said...

Good or not good how it is made, the point here is they have created a new concept. Now, many people is going to start to do the same. But they was the first. That it's enough to get free advertisement for ever.

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