augmented reality with an actual purpose

There's a lot of chitter chatter about augmented reality, and some even compare it to the hype of Second Life.

It's true that most of the uses of this new technology have been solely to show the tool itself - adding wow factor to an audience of people who haven't experienced it yet. This of course gets tired, kind of like using a brand new font in a design because it's new - not because it's the right choice for the task.

Now Adverblog has found someone using augmented reality in a way that adds value to their customers. And it's not from a bleeding edge internet company. Or a sneaker brand. Or a new film. It's the post office. Yep - you can now utilize augmented reality to check and see what size box you need for Priority Mail packages. Awesomeness.


Neil said...

Wow !! This is pretty sweet.

I'm only wondering ... So, how stupid are we? Can't we just use a ruler to figure this out?

Unknown said...

Depends. If your just packing one item, then yeah, a ruler is enough to check its 3 dimensions.

But if your trying to see how many smaller items you can fit into a 3d space, this would be vastly easier.

Cory O'Brien said...

Love this because I love seeing Augmented Reality being put to good use instead of just looking cool. Hopefully it inspires other companies to use AR in new and innovative ways as well. (Because really, if the Post Office can do it, then why shouldn't everyone else be able to as well...?)

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