the twitter power system

At first it seemed like this might be a joke. Or a parody. Sadly, it looks as if the Twitter Power System is for real. Yeeeesh.

If you still haven't made the jump into Twitter, you don't need any "proven methods to success." Just think and act like a reasonable business person.

Here's six (free) tips about Twitter that will save you the $77 cost of a "system":

+ Try it. Give it a few weeks.
+ Follow 20 people that interest you - and then grow it slowly. Based on people that interest you.
+ Understand that this is not a "system" where the person with the most followers wins
+ Think of Twitter as a cocktail party. Act accordingly. Learn your surroundings before you jump through the door and start handing out business cards.
+ Be yourself.
+ Share, communicate and join the conversation.

Thanks, Casey!


RFB said...

people will buy this shit

Cory O'Brien said...

LOL; What could you possibly write about Twitter that would take up 11 CDs, a DVD, and three books?

Step 1: Create a Twitter account.
Step 2: Use that account like a REAL PERSON, not as a press release service.
Step 3: Do more of what works, and less of what doesn't.
Step 4: Repeat Step 3.

Greg said...

I'd have to say that those tips would work well for almost all social media. No magic algorithm. Just be yourself, and don't freak out.

darryl ohrt said...

Cory - I like your list even better than mine.

AliSwi said...

As a Twitter newbie, I've recognized that, like most things, it's best to learn by doing. I wonder if "The Power System" addresses follower quality over quantity.

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