mrs butterworth: we thought that we knew you.

I'm not sure how it's possible that we missed this. Usually, the crew at BrandFlakes is directly tuned to the world of sugary goodness. But somehow, the fact that Mrs. Butterworth has kept her first name a secret has escaped us. And she's launched a contest to see if you know it.

We've spent many late mornings with her, and yet she's never told us. Maybe Aunt Jemima knows. Or maybe you have a better relationship with ole' Butterworth than we do. If she's whispered her name to you during a sugar coated morning meal, now is your time to shine. From BrandFreak.


Bill A. said...'ll be like hearing Charlie Chaplin speak for the first time. Not good.

Unknown said...

Hello my dears! It’s me, Mrs. Butterworth, and I loved Mr. Chaplin's speaking voice!

Don’t forget to not only guess here but also enter your guess on my website for a chance to win $500 and a year’s supply of yours truly:

And while you are on your computer, do stop by and say hello to me on Twitter ( and Facebook (!

Anonymous said...


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