how to save playboy

The publishing industry has fallen on hard times. Lots of magazines are closing up shop. And you're getting that feeling in your gut that Playboy is one of those publications that's not going to make it to the other side.

Saul Colt, often referred to as the smartest man in the world, has a plan to save Playboy. Here's the outline to Saul's plan:

1. Drop the naked ladies
2. Stop with the Rear View Mirror Air Fresheners
3. Go Back to your roots
4. Playboy should ask itself 20 Questions
5. Lock the doors to the Playboy Mansion

I have to agree. Playboy is a brand worth saving. They're not likely on the bailout list. And it's time to reinvent the brand, since people don't need to buy magazines to see naked chicks. Playboy: let's do something radical.

1 comment:

atul chatterjee said...

The little bunny should remain. In the publishing business they could start printing books for little children.

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