how to launch a brand to entrepreneurs.

WOW. This is how you do a brand launch. GotVMail just rebranded their service as Grasshopper (read about why here.)

Grasshopper provides an "advanced" phone number for entrepreneurs.
They needed to do three things: Identify their audience, create an inspiring message and then get that message out. They've scored on all three:

1. Audience: Entrepreneurs. Duh.
2. Message: They launched a campaign site. They've lead with a message inspiring entrepreneurs that they can do anything. Which of course ties wonderfully to the fact that they provide a service that helps entrepreneurs do anything.
3. Get the message out: Grasshopper sent 5000 chocolate covered grasshoppers to media. Yeah - real grasshoppers. Covered in chocolate. (Some people think they're delicious.) Look for a post later where Plaid employees give the grasshoppers a taste. Did it get our attention? You bet. This post is proof. And the subsequent grasshopper tasting, the tweeting about the grasshopper tasting and any posts that follow? Bonus.

Nice job, Grasshopper.


Siamak Taghaddos said...

Nice post, thanks. Glad you like the campaign. Can't wait to see you guys eating them.


Sara said...

This was great all around. And eating a bug was kind of cool, too.

Anonymous said...

This seems almost exactly like the "Girl Effect" campaign. Kind of a boring, generic style, IMO.

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