a game changer in search

If you haven't already checked it out thanks to the buzz on Twitter and tech blogs, you'll want to keep an eye on Wolfram.

What sounds like the name of a zombie-producing weapon from an 80's scifi movie is actually a technology that could change everything on the internet.

What will Wolfram do, exactly? It seems to be a search engine that puts together real answers to requests, in an artificial intelligence kind of way. Let's say that you wanted to know what the weather was like on the day that JFK was assassinated in Texas. With current search technology, you can pull together the date and location and then search weather history, and pull the answer together. Wolfram will apparently do this for you, at the first request.

It's launching...soon. In the future, when the world is taken over by search engine spiders and they eat humans for food, don't say that we didn't warn you.

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jimakin said...

Wolfram Research is run by Stephen Wolfram, the uber-genius who created the Mathematica math-visualization program, and who claims to have uncovered new fundamental laws of nature in a book few mortals can fathom.

If anyone can rattle Google's search-dominance cage, it's this algorithm artiste.

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