don't touch my delicious burrito

Our friends over at Denver Egotist are massive Chipotle fans. And what's not to love? Awesome burritos perfectly wrapped like little silver gifts from the burrito gods.

If you've never eaten at a Chipotle (!!!) you should know that they are famous for their burritos, their burritos are delivered in tightly wrapped foil packages and their past campaigns have celebrated this fact.

Here's where everything gets ugly. Chipotle hired a new ad agency. And a new campaign direction, new logo, and new menus followed (because everyone knows that a logo change drives customers to tacos.) The new campaign is "value" driven, and looks very much like a Taco Bell campaign.

Burrito lovers are pissed. And the Denver Egotist is leading the charge in an anti-campaign. Check it all out at Cheapotle. Wow.


C said...

Real burrito lovers know that Chipotle are mediocre burritos. Comparing Chipotle to the burrito joints in San Francisco's Mission District (where this style of burrito got started and which Chipotle claim to offer) is a joke.

darryl ohrt said...

Can't argue with that, C.

My personal fave is Burritoville, in NYC. :)

Mark Wanczak said...

I'm not a big fan of Chipotle, but this is hilarious. Glad to see creative mind power put to social good.

Ben Kunz said...

I used to eat at Chipotle every day when consulting in D.C. I will forgive them everything if they open a restaurant below our office.

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