you're a genius, and deserve to be published

Here's how you go from coffee house poetry slam to being published. Or how you can tell everyone that you modeled for a spread in a new book. Or that you're a venture capitalist, and you just invested in an exciting publishing venture. All without lying.

Just agree to become a sponsor in the first ever (?) crowd-sourced book. Pay $30, and get a page. Just one of several projects on KickStarter, a site devoted to crowd-sourced funding of small entrepreneurial projects.

Hurry. Only a few days and a few pages are left.


Charles Sipe said...

There have been prior crowd-sourced books written, The Age of Conversation 2. I know this because I was one of the 237 authors! :)

darryl ohrt said...

The difference wit the Age of Conversation (I believe) is that it was crowd written - but not crowd published.

This book will be funded entirely by its writers. I still question the "first" status, but don't think "Age of Conversation" qualifies.

Gavin Heaton said...

Interesting approach! I think there have been plenty of non-web based versions of this type of publishing - where authors pay to contribute to a compendium.

With the Age of Conversation, the content was crowd sourced but the cost of production was covered by using print on demand via Lulu. That way the purchasers of the book pay for printing and at the same time contribute to Variety the Children's Charity.

heather said...

"you're a genius, and deserve to be punished "

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