smart google ad

Google's running a really sweet two page ad in this week's Advertising Age Magazine. 7 things you can do in the next 7 days to improve your bottom line features seven tasks that each take 10 minutes or less, and might improve your business. And yeah, they all use Google products.

Here's the list:
1. Save money the old fashioned way - don't spend it. (Promotes
2. Capitalize on trends, before they're trends. (Promotes
3. Capture the sales you're missing. (Promotes
4. Know what works...and do more of it. (Promotes
5. Get more from the content you already have. (Promotes
6. Find the people who want to find you. (Promotes
7. Find new and better keywords. (Promotes
7a. (Bonus) Collaborate more efficiently. (Promotes

Nice presentation of a suite of products in a time that most marketers could be using them.

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Cory O'Brien said...

Great stuff! It's a like a micro-sales pitch in every ad, and links easy to do tasks with easy to use products.

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