r/ga is up to something.

This is what real internet geeks do for fun, when they're not at the office:

R/GA Creative Director Richard Ting is experimenting with RFID tags and a bar code reader. He's hooked everything up so that his 20 month old daughter can swipe tags with a scanner, and it automatically sends a tweet.

This is cool. This may provide endless opportunities.
+ Runners could swipe at mile markers in races, and auto tweet their position in a race.
+ Kids could swipe when at school/at class
+ Party attendees could swipe and auto announce "I'm here. Let's drink beer."
+ Your package could tweet that it just arrived on the UPS truck
+ Think of the countless opportunities where an easy swipe could send a tweet to let your family/friends/world know what's happening.

Time to head to Radio Shack, for parts.

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