many brands still oblivious.

Pingdom did a poll of the Top 100 Fortune 500 IT companies, to see who had registered their names on Twitter. Surprisingly, 67% of them were not registered, or used a more difficult searched name than their brand.

Sadly, I believe this. Our agency pitched a major beer brand about a year ago, and realized they hadn't secured their Twitter name. I did this for them, and then handed over the passwords to the account in the pitch meeting. They have yet to take it over, even though the account gets new followers every day. C'mon, brands!


Russell said...

Interesting, I would like to Twitter put side by side with Facebook. Isn't it equally inexcusable for a brand not to have a Facebook group after the site has been running for 5 years?

Kevin Horne said...

just gotta be on there? that's it? another SM box to tick off? could it be they don't see the value? have you made that case to them yet?

Cody Gibbs said...

I agree with Kevin. Twitter is not for every brand, and it baffles me to read articles that simply shout "get on board" without any real value proposition.

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