friday flakes fourteen

Today's Friday Flakes is taped at Plaid world headquarters, and is hosted by David, RJ and Darryl.

In this week's show, the crew chats about:

+ How, despite RJ's urgings, the staff refuses to dress in bright, cheery Easter colors
+ That we've loaned our conference room to an author writing a book about the legendary punk club The Anthrax. Our office will be filled with aging punk rockers reminiscing about the good ole' days
+ How Darryl showed the staff some old punk rock flyers, pointing out that "in his day, we didn't have Photoshop. Or the internet"

There were some exciting launches at Plaid, this week, too:
+ The Segway P.U.M.A. site launched in record time with lots of last minute down to the wire video action
+ Darryl guest blogged/tweeted the media event for Segway, and accompanied the Segway crew behind the scenes at the Today Show, Fox Business News, and a major worldwide press conference at the IAC building
+ Darryl managed to piss off Al Roker, the happiest, nicest, jolliest man on earth
+ The launch of CleanFreakConfessions, a site devoted to getting your clean freak on

RJ reminded the crew that Plaid owns a full bunny costume, and that it must be put to good use. Possibly with candy. Or a butcher knife. And definitely on video.

Have a great weekend!

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