don't believe your agency

"social work for H&R Block generated $18.8 million in revenue this tax season."

That's the type of statement that social media nerds and bloggers love to retweet, blog about and shout from the rooftops.

Ben Kunz says not so fast. Lots of agencies are spewing numbers. Many of them have questionable metrics. And people are quick to throw out numbers and quote numbers and use numbers to justify their own numbers.

We are addicted to numbers more than we are addicted to social media. We suspect that Ben is right, as we've seen first hand some people using really sloppy metrics and some really awesome metrics.

But how does that help your PowerPoint presentation??? Just make it up. Here's some numbers to get you started:

23% agree
46% are leaving
834% growth
76,432,000 just became aware
12 million lost

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