annoy your friends and promote a movie at the same time

To promote the movie Crank: High Voltage, the Visionaire Group created a Facebook application that lets you crank your friends. The piece puts fun things in your newsfeed that your buddies will appreciate:

+ Comments about your grandma having sex
+ You and a goat in love
+ You and a random friend hooking up
+ You protesting bestiality laws

Complete all 14 challenges and you're entered into a drawing to win $1000. Your friends are worth less than that. And your newsfeed has been a little boring. What are you waiting for?

1 comment:

Cory O'Brien said...

I can't believe they could only scrape together a $1,000 for the winner. (Though I'm even more baffled by the fact that ANYONE would do all 14 of those challenges for the CHANCE to win $1k.) Is Facebook really that much of a joke to that many people?

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