you're a genius, and deserve to be published

Here's how you go from coffee house poetry slam to being published. Or how you can tell everyone that you modeled for a spread in a new book. Or that you're a venture capitalist, and you just invested in an exciting publishing venture. All without lying.

Just agree to become a sponsor in the first ever (?) crowd-sourced book. Pay $30, and get a page. Just one of several projects on KickStarter, a site devoted to crowd-sourced funding of small entrepreneurial projects.

Hurry. Only a few days and a few pages are left.

who says thumbnails can't be beautiful?

Here's an inspiring way to showcase photography. From Cory Obrien.

give yourself some sweet google juice

Have you set yourself up in Google yet? Google's added a profiles feature that allows you to document your details. The ultimate directory where everyone can find you. Customized to your delight.

Set up your own profile now, or check out John Jantsch's version for an excellent example of how to do it well. Do this today, and maybe people will find your profile before they find those naked pictures of you from that frat party.

old people: i'm confused.

You've heard before that fastest growing demographic on Facebook is the 35+ age bracket. That audience could be at risk, if you believe what MarketingVOX and Techcrunch have to say.

I've seen myself in the presentations that I've given on social media - how few people are using anything beyond the basics of Facebook.

Apparently, old people prefer Twitter for its simplicity. We think it's much more complex than that, but are enjoying all the chatter about Twitter versus Facebook. Can't we just use them all?

(Sidebar: please check out this post on Mashable, for an AWESOME rundown on how to manage your Facebook friends in a way that won't get you fired.)

cleveland rocks. sort of.

Tourism councils pay attention: This video has several hundred thousand more views than the official Cleveland video. Maybe because it's fun. And funny. And it resonates with things people experience every day. It's also the second result in a Google search for Cleveland, tourism. Woops.

If you're in tourism, this might be the best example of why it's time to let your agency do something awesome, instead of a video that the entire board of directors and the city council of senior citizens would approve.

Either that...or the public might do it for you. From Coudal.

don't believe your agency

"social work for H&R Block generated $18.8 million in revenue this tax season."

That's the type of statement that social media nerds and bloggers love to retweet, blog about and shout from the rooftops.

Ben Kunz says not so fast. Lots of agencies are spewing numbers. Many of them have questionable metrics. And people are quick to throw out numbers and quote numbers and use numbers to justify their own numbers.

We are addicted to numbers more than we are addicted to social media. We suspect that Ben is right, as we've seen first hand some people using really sloppy metrics and some really awesome metrics.

But how does that help your PowerPoint presentation??? Just make it up. Here's some numbers to get you started:

23% agree
46% are leaving
834% growth
76,432,000 just became aware
12 million lost

mayors geeking it up

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz recently held a bloggers breakfast. Not because bloggers are hungry and need food, but because he wanted to give bloggers the same respect that politicians used to give to media like newspapers.

And now perfect hair dude/San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom chats with the hot girls of Geek Entertainment TV about geeky stuff. Even before all of that, our own Mayor helped us take over the city of Denver.

Mayoral trend? We hope so. Perhaps Mayors are the new social media. And Bloggers will control the earth. And RSS is the way to salvation. Or something like that.

social media to replace microwaves?

A new study from those uber smart research dudes at Pew shows that fewer people claim TV to be a necessity. In fact, today's study shows the smallest share to call a TV a necessity since the question was first asked over 35 years ago.

What Adverlab fails to point out is that people also no longer consider microwaves a necessity. Clearly, people have replaced their microwave use with Twitter.

how to get kids to behave in public

Actually, this isn't some new method for controlling obnoxious dirty brats.

It's really an awesome campaign for the Australian Childhood Foundation. (Apparently, no kids were harmed in the making of these ads. They used mannequins, disguised as kids instead.)

facebook to open status updates to developers

Soon you'll be able to incorporate Facebook status updates into all sorts of fun promotional and engaging tools.

Mashable has an excellent synopsis of what's expected to roll out, outlining the key difference between this potential Facebook access versus the access that developers already have to Twitter. (In short, Twitter is wide open, Facebook allows users to approve every individual use.)

We're excited - this means more opportunities, more tools and more fun for Facebook users, for brands and for all citizens of the internet nation.

get your tweet on while the boss watches

You have a need to tweet. Your boss needs you to work. Instead of managing your time or using some of the awesome social tools that make it easy, you could just pretend to work, while tweeting the day away.

Thanks to Spreadtweet, you can now disguise Twitter as an ugly, borriffic spreadsheet. So you're tweeting and your boss is smiling. Until the end of the day, when your work is still there. From Buzzfeed.

from the designer in the sky

Typography with Google Maps as your design tool! Giving fly-over country a whole new purpose.

honda shines immersive

Honda's new ad for Insight totally takes over. From Waxy.

who says local and bad have to be local and bad?

Make the Logo Bigger finds an awesome local spot that makes fun of local spots by being the best ever local spot.

It turns out there's an agency a comedy duo that's especially good at being especially bad. 100% pure awesomeness. On sale.

a reason to go to pittsburgh

Stop what you're doing. Get in your car. Drive to Pittsburgh. You must see this most awesome show that's happening at the Warhol Museum.

The Vader Project gathered together some of today's coolest artists, and asked them to reimagine the Darth Vader helmet. Star Wars + Art + Darth Helmets = a day full of awesomeness for the entire family. Hurry. The show closes on May 3. What are you waiting for??

Found by one of my Twitter friends, and I forgot who. (Sorry.)

science is awesome

Scientists rock. Not because they're curing disease, or eliminating pollution and bad things from our lives - but because they've invented a car that can change color with the weather.

For real. MINI is introducing a model at the Singapore car show that changes color. It will auto morph into a more reflective color on hot days (to reflect the heat) or darker colors on colder days (to attract the sun.)

I want one with a remote control, that I can change from an internet browser. Please??? From David Armano.

old school communication devices

Back before everyone communicated with email, IM and 140 character tweets, they used a devices called telephones.

Just for fun, you should take a trip down memory lane and check out some old phones. Because you always wanted a Princess phone. Or a 1950's wall phone. Or maybe you just needed a fun distraction on a Friday morning.

Even cooler - you can buy any of these!! Phonetastic!! Thanks, Steve!

hose down the competition

Want to spray your message all over the streets without making a big enviro-mess? Check out what media company Curb is doing. Street ads produced with stencils and salt water.

It turns out that salt water evaporates really slowly, so ads can hang on the sidewalk for a couple of hours in the sun. Now you can bring the beach to the streets of anywhere.

another slide for your social media powerpoint presentation

Hey, guess what: People are listening to their friends more than paid search ads. Duh. But you need a nice study to refer to, or a chart for your PowerPoint presentation, right?

Here's all of the nitty gritty details that you'll need to convince your boss to hire the most awesome agency to do the most amazing social media campaign. Enjoy. From Engaging Brand.

the big o.

Ian Fitzpatrick has created something beautiful: Optimist Conspectus. What may sound like a psychology experiment is actually a wonderful collection of statements that answer the question: What are you optimistic about?

Let's face it. Our industry could use a little optimism. There's certainly enough hate and anger. Perhaps some positive energy would do everyone some good.

Feeling down? Check it out. Feeling awesome? Tell the world why. It's time that you give just a little bit of love to the wonderful, fantastical big O. (Optimism, of course.)

how to do your high school reunion

Andrea hated her high school. And all of the stupid popular kids that went there. So when it was time for her ten year reunion, she sent a stripper to represent her. Nothing but awesome. From Khudal.

how many $150K products do you buy from 20 year olds?

I've been touring colleges over the last couple of weeks, and oh boy, there's plenty to share. This will hopefully be the first of a few posts related to higher education marketing.

Let's talk tours.

The college tour system is BROKEN. And they're all doing the exact. same. thing:
+ Meet in the visitor center (and at the better colleges) mingle with a couple students.
+ Tour a lecture hall, the athletic center, a dining hall, a sample dorm room, a classroom, the blue light security system, and the student center.
+ Deliver factoids about the teacher/student ratio, the dorms, the meal plan, and security.
(I can now walk onto any campus in the U.S., and give the tour, sight unseen.)

Things that are bothersome, and are ripe for change:

+ Yes, the prospective student wants to hear from a real student, but not everyone's comfortable buying a $150,000 product from a 20 year old. (Like parents.)
+ The student tour guide is a representative of the end product. If she says things like "I'm ascared of the dark" or " with the softwares on your computer" or "most freshmans are on this plan," parents aren't getting excited to make a buy.
+ Most students (and parents) tour more than one school. By tour #3, they're bored out of their skulls.

There's an opportunity for someone to do something spectacular.
+ What about having an admissions/marketing person on tour with a student guide? Co-presenting, for the win? Sales teams present to clients selling $150K products every day. Why not higher ed?
+ Everyone has a meal plan, quad style dorms, blue light security systems and lecture halls. Hand out a fact sheet to cover the obvious stuff that everyone asks (but must be covered.)
+ What's different about your school? The entire campus of UMASS Dartmouth was pretty much designed by renowned architect Paul Rudolph. The buildings are striking. Any mention on the tour? Nope.
+ How could your tour be fun? Something that I want to tweet to my friends?
+ How could your tour be interactive? Is there a way to get the student/parent to participate?
+ Everyone has a camera in their pocket. Some even stream video. Let's put it to use, and give people a reason to take a photo. They might even share it with their friends.
+ Anywhere else in the consumersphere, you're treated like a rockstar if you've got over $100K to spend. How could you treat potential students (and parents) like rock stars?

Every higher ed admissions/marketing person should book a trip to Vegas today and take the Zappos tour. Seriously. This is a tour of AN OFFICE, and it's exciting, engaging, and you'll want to work there. What could your university be doing to make your tour more Zappos-like?

all the news that's fit

Whoah. Now you can view all of your news in a visual timeline. With the publications and sources of your choosing.

The dudes at Google have done it again, with the launch of yet another awesome product: Google News Timeline. Wow.

drinks for hugs

When I'm in charge, this is the way things will work:
+ Nice people will get whatever they want
+ Grumpy ass stress balls will get what they deserve
+ You'll be able to buy a super large chocolate chip cookie with a hug

It's great to see that the folks at Absolut are in the same camp. They've even launched a new campaign around the concept, that explores what life might be like in an ABSOLUT World. They're actually staging surprise events where people can get a taste of the new kinder (intoxicated?) world. There's a kindness campaign site, and a Twitter stream that you can follow to find the next kindness event.

Why wait for the official event? Let's head on down to the liquor store and give the guy behind the register a big hug.

this twitter thing is probably going to be really huge

I'm trying really hard not to continually add to the hype about Twitter. But there's new stuff being developed every day, and you need to know.

The latest twitterawesome development is Sign In with Twitter. Clearly an effort to compete with Facebook Connect.

Here's the deal: In the future, you'll be able to log in anywhere you want using just your Facebook OR Twitter ID. No more unwieldy usernames and passwords filling up your pockets. You'll travel lighter. And you'll have a jetpack.

why so serious?

Philips gets serious about the clarity of their Philips CINEMA 21:9 Television by taking you for a ride inside a scene. This is a pretty freaking impressive piece. They've re-created an entire scene from Dark Knight, and walked you through to inspect the details.

And there's a campaign site, too, where you can explore more interactive versions of the clip. Joker/Batman/big screen TV fans, rejoice.

once again, the guys in finance get the girl.

People that work in finance can type numbers really, really fast with one hand using the number keypad. Sure, that's handy when you're doing accounting audits, but it's extra handy when you need to type the code that unlocks the last level of the new Puma interactive piece.

Puma Lift promotes the fact that their shoes are super light. You can compare them on a scale with a bunch of items. You've seen this concept done before, a thousand times maybe, but the production on this version is impressive and smooth. Maybe that's why you'll keep playing and weighing. Or maybe your fingers are fast enough to get the girl to undress. Only one way to find out. From Adverblog.

r/ga is up to something.

This is what real internet geeks do for fun, when they're not at the office:

R/GA Creative Director Richard Ting is experimenting with RFID tags and a bar code reader. He's hooked everything up so that his 20 month old daughter can swipe tags with a scanner, and it automatically sends a tweet.

This is cool. This may provide endless opportunities.
+ Runners could swipe at mile markers in races, and auto tweet their position in a race.
+ Kids could swipe when at school/at class
+ Party attendees could swipe and auto announce "I'm here. Let's drink beer."
+ Your package could tweet that it just arrived on the UPS truck
+ Think of the countless opportunities where an easy swipe could send a tweet to let your family/friends/world know what's happening.

Time to head to Radio Shack, for parts.

things you can do without a roof on your car

MINI shows some of the benefits of having a car without a roof on it. If this dude was in my car, I'd slam on the brakes.

I like the warning "Do not attempt to fly upside down in your Cabrio." Hopefully there's a sticker to that effect on the dashboard. And there's a "how we made this" video, too.

send this to the computer nerd in your company

They'll love you more than they ever did before. Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody performed entirely on old computer things. Like a geek cupcake with extra icing.

many brands still oblivious.

Pingdom did a poll of the Top 100 Fortune 500 IT companies, to see who had registered their names on Twitter. Surprisingly, 67% of them were not registered, or used a more difficult searched name than their brand.

Sadly, I believe this. Our agency pitched a major beer brand about a year ago, and realized they hadn't secured their Twitter name. I did this for them, and then handed over the passwords to the account in the pitch meeting. They have yet to take it over, even though the account gets new followers every day. C'mon, brands!

if you were here before oprah, say "yeah."

You've been on Twitter before Oprah. Tell the world about it. Or at least the Twitterverse. From Dabitch.

slo mo that looks totally hot

The latest video to hit "viral" status doesn't include anyone farting. Or jumping over a car on fire. Or hot girls doing sexy things.

Just the most wonderfully shot imagery in the highest definition you've ever seen on video. Mesmerizing. From charlie @ curve.

the spectrum of online friends

Have you struggled at attempting to describe your online friendships to your Amish friends who just don't understand the power of Twitter?

Thankfully, Mike Arauz has made this difficult topic even easier to understand with his spectrum of online friends graphic. Print a bunch of these, and just hand them out to your meat-space friends who don't understand. From News from the Herd.

is your church shamtastic?

It's always awesome to see religion stepping outside of the comfort zone to reach people.

Successful marketers know that you have to speak to your audience. Fathers, Priests, Pastors, Rabbis and other religious leaders who speak in front of crowds know this. Yet the majority of religious marketing fails to connect (or even) understand their audience. But not in New York.

Where's my Jetpack points to a shamtastic parody ad promoting confession for the Easter holiday. When was the last time you saw an ad for confession? And who better as a spokesperson then a parodied alleged hooker using/hitting icon?

preserving the history of the skyline

Seeing the twin towers represented in logo treatments can pull a variety of emotions.

Artist Ji Lee has begun collecting logos with the Twin Towers skyline, and started the World Trade Center Logo Preservation Project, an open project to photograph and preserve the Twin Towers in the New York skyline logos.

From LogoDesignLove. <3

cash money art

Check out this sweet collection of art, laser etched into stacks of dollar bills.

100 abandoned houses

Since the mid-90's, Kevin Bauman has been photographing abandoned houses in Detroit. What started as a hobby is now a full blown project.

100 Abandoned Houses is a stunning collection of 100 photos. Of abandoned houses. Seem like a lot? According to Kevin, the actual number of abandoned homes in Detroit is more like 12,000.

You can buy prints of the photographs for $35, and a good piece of that goes to some great causes. From Urban Outfitters.

camera tricks on a camera phone

To promote the new Samsung phone that comes with an HD video camera (!!), they've produced a little puzzle for you to solve.

Watch the spot above, and see if you can figure out how they did it. Then record your response on YouTube. Doesn't look like you'll win a new car, or phone, or trip to Hawaii by solving the mystery, but you'll feel smart in front of your friends.

the van as an action hero

This Respect the Van spot is now old based on internet time standards, but a new interview in Studio Monthly with the producers reminded me how cool it is. Not just for the action packed van shots - but because it barely features the actual product it's promoting. No product feature titles. Only a single product shot. But pure van hotness.

people at cake make ice cream sweet

We're jealous of Cake. It's not enough that they get to work in an agency named after baked goodness. But they also get to work on the Ben & Jerry's account.

And they've dreamed up a fun ice cream flavor making site for the brand. You get to invent your own flavors, and submit them for consideration. Some lucky flavor maker will even win a boat load of ice cream, and a sweet trip to the Dominican Republic. Sounds like fun. Let's eat.

Lee from Cake gives us a quick update:

MaynardMalone actually produced the campaign site. Cake produced the accompanying webseries, The Scoop.

(Now that's two agencies that get more ice cream than we do.)

let's go on a pub crawl. in your cubicle.

To promote Lovells Lager, you've been invited you to a pub crawl. Through the streets of Australia. Starting right now.

This is a fun promotional piece that couples Google's street view with some excellent writing and nice site design. Great work that promotes exploration while creating thirst for a nice cold Lovells.

how to close down your competition

Just send this link to everyone that works at your competition. They'll be mesmerized and start playing around, and before they know it, hours will have passed. Work will have stopped. All of their employees will have been hypnotized by the musical mystical button pushing tool.

stunning collection of nyc people on the street

And by collection, we mean collecting scenes of similar people and putting them all together in one image. You really need to scroll through them all. Amazing. From Quipsologies.

twitter hashtags seen in the wild

Twitter hashtags are used to sort and combine tweets around a particular topic. Putting a hashtag after a tweet (like #brandflakes) would allow Twitter search engines to pull together all tweets regarding that particular topic. The practice is popular among tweeters who are chatting within any meme.

And now, it's jumped out of the Twittersphere. Caffeine Goddess reports on Land Rover ads asking people to tweet about their brand, and use the hashtag #LRNY. You can see the results here.

all of your tweets now in your browser

Brand Managers: here's a handy tool to monitor what's being said about you on Twitter. Convo Monitor lets you create multiple "stacks" each that monitor a keyword or search term within Twitter.

So you don't have to launch Tweetdeck, or any of the Adobe Air tools that allow multiple keyword monitoring. It's kind of like TweetGrid, but all new and shiny. From Steve Rubel.

big wheels and fast action

Big wheels. A big hill. Only fun could happen. We need an office in San Francisco.

birds that love type

You might hear Type Nesting and think that it's some advanced filter in Illustrator or Photoshop that allows a designer to do insane stunts with type. But no. Type Nesting is when birds make a nest in type.

Thankfully, there's now a blog devoted to the practice. (Although at time of publish, the site was down. Birds in the server.)

dr love says drink dr pepper

You might normally find Gene Simmons irritating, obnoxious, pigish and annoying. But something about his new spot for Dr. Pepper makes him more lovable. Or at least tolerable.

bed jumpers have more fun

You know you've done this. Jumped on the bed. Jumped from bed to bed. And done tricks while jumping on the bed because you knew your mom wasn't there to stop you.

That's why this is a great promotion idea for SuiteHotel. The largest ever international bed jumping contest. Book your room and let the jumping begin.

how to get teens to target

Retailers looking to make themselves cool to teens might want to look outside the agency PowerPoint decks, and just let a teen do the job for them.

Target should totally be sending this dude a mondo-big gift certificate. The internet is an awesome place.

robots and humans can get along

If after watching too many episodes of Terminator you're thinking that robots and humans cannot peacefully coexist, well then you haven't seen Tweenbots, an experiment that tests whether pedestrians will help a robot from one side of the park to the other side.

Kacie Kinzer printed instructions on the tiny robot flag, and video taped the results as a part of an interactive art project. Cuteness follows.

friday flakes fourteen

Today's Friday Flakes is taped at Plaid world headquarters, and is hosted by David, RJ and Darryl.

In this week's show, the crew chats about:

+ How, despite RJ's urgings, the staff refuses to dress in bright, cheery Easter colors
+ That we've loaned our conference room to an author writing a book about the legendary punk club The Anthrax. Our office will be filled with aging punk rockers reminiscing about the good ole' days
+ How Darryl showed the staff some old punk rock flyers, pointing out that "in his day, we didn't have Photoshop. Or the internet"

There were some exciting launches at Plaid, this week, too:
+ The Segway P.U.M.A. site launched in record time with lots of last minute down to the wire video action
+ Darryl guest blogged/tweeted the media event for Segway, and accompanied the Segway crew behind the scenes at the Today Show, Fox Business News, and a major worldwide press conference at the IAC building
+ Darryl managed to piss off Al Roker, the happiest, nicest, jolliest man on earth
+ The launch of CleanFreakConfessions, a site devoted to getting your clean freak on

RJ reminded the crew that Plaid owns a full bunny costume, and that it must be put to good use. Possibly with candy. Or a butcher knife. And definitely on video.

Have a great weekend!

enjoy with peeps and jelly beans

Here's the most complete art collection of Last Supper art, ever. Breakfast cereals, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, That 70's Show, McDonalds, and even the cast of House.

Leonardo da Vinci would be proud. Or pissed. Or be calling his copyright attorney. From Mark Wolfe.

what to wear while you're tweeting

Ummmm....yeah. From CrossTheBreeze.

what your tweets look like as photos

Portwiture takes your current Twitter status and pulls photos from Flickr that relate to what you're tweeting. Let's call it tweetart.

(For the record, I am almost positive that I have never tweeted about kittens, cats or kitties - yet there's a kitten photo in my Twitter collage. Clearly a bug.) From TSand.

your business card is crap

Yes, this guy kisses himself in the mirror every morning, and then takes a picture. And he wrote the book on "A type" personalities. And, no, you probably don't want to hang with him - but oh boy, his advice on business cards is pretty good.

how to make peeps

Some people celebrate Easter. Some people celebrate Passover. Some people call this holy week. I prefer Peeps Week. If you're a lover of Peeps, and worried that you'll need more after the store shelves are empty, worry no more.

Chef Brian Robinson teaches you how to make your own peeps. Fun for the whole family. From Unhatched.

the banana man is your friend. he will not harm you.

Banana man is the coolest dude ever. You will want to hang and have beers with the banana man. Although he would probably drink banana beers, and you may not like bananas in your beer.

Why can't there be a banana man television series?

television studio sets designed for very little people

This is amazing. On the Set has created miniature versions of countless television show sets. Entire sets. You've got to see this to believe the level of detail and the number of studio sets featured. Awesomeness.

annoy your friends and promote a movie at the same time

To promote the movie Crank: High Voltage, the Visionaire Group created a Facebook application that lets you crank your friends. The piece puts fun things in your newsfeed that your buddies will appreciate:

+ Comments about your grandma having sex
+ You and a goat in love
+ You and a random friend hooking up
+ You protesting bestiality laws

Complete all 14 challenges and you're entered into a drawing to win $1000. Your friends are worth less than that. And your newsfeed has been a little boring. What are you waiting for?

shopping vicariously

Zappos has created a fun tool to watch shopping.

A real time animated map mashup that shows what people are buying at this very moment, and where they're from. Watch shoe trends break on the west coast or watch the east coast wake up in the morning and get to work get their shopping on.

This is a fantastic concept (inspired by Twittevision) and proof that it's possible to make your business as fun and exciting as your product. From MsHerr.

the cool kids are using asterisks

Henning von Vogelsang has what sounds like a cool idea. Let's use the asterisk symbol to denote a source, when we're referencing an idea, link or concept that someone else gave us.

Henning's post actually points out an interesting detail about what Twitter has done to online pop culture. People now use the @ symbol to refer to people, and hashtags to refer to topics - even outside of the twittersphere. So why not add the asterisk?

*Henning von Vogelsang

silly media people, all a twitter

It's funny when you see your local news anchors talk about Twitter - and they have to kind of say it with a chuckle - because "it's so silly."

Current TV just had some fun looking at the news media Twitter overload, and the silly, silly anchors being all Twitteriffic. Sigh. Thanks, Whitney!

because a good stache never goes out of style

If you have nothing to do today, you should review every cover to every issue of TV Guide. That's the best way to find out what JR wore on Dallas, or to remember the good ole' days of Moonlighting.

Kids: In the old days, there was a magic box that played your programs for you, instead of your laptop. And people had to watch their programs on a pre-determined schedule. It was so confusing that they actually printed a weekly instruction manual to help you find your way. This was called TV Guide. Think of it as Google, for TV.

Thanks, Steve!

twitter: over. flutter: hot.

Flutter is the new hot tool on the internet. 26 characters. It's all we need. Just like the alphabet. From MTLB.

because you're a doer, not a thinker

Brand Flakes best buddy Bill Green over at Make the Logo Bigger has contributed to a new book titled Connect: Marketing in the Social Media Area. The book features 400 words by 100 people.

We say buy it:
+ Because you can expense anything with the words "social media."
+ Because the proceeds go to a great cause.
+ Because there are other really cool people that contributed too, and we really like them, but don't want to name some without naming others. And 100 is too many to name.
+ Because Bill Green has just trademarked a new term: Thought Doers. Yep - go tell your favorite Thought Leader to put his PowerPoint slides away. Anyone can think. Only the best do.
Now your brand news diet is chockfull of tasty tales of Customer Experiences (CX). Served-fresh every morning for your daily recommended dose of marketing inspirations. Never sugar coated. May contain nuts. Archives | Look back at these past bites