skittles: was it good for you?

The Twittersphere was all-a-tweeting yesterday about the new Skittles site that launched last week. The site features a dashboard over popular social media sites set to Skittles. So there's a live Twitter feed of what people are saying about Skittles, a Skittles Flickr page, Facebook page, etc.

Yesterday the site generated a significant portion of all twitter conversation. The Skittle chatter has largely been centered around two points:

1. The Skittles site was inspired-by/ripped-off-from a popular industry agency Modernista site, launched over a year ago.

2. The site's content is now largely influenced by the community. Want to tweet that your coworker just choked to death on Skittles? It'll appear on the front page of the site.(Just like the Modernista layoffs appeared on the news page of their site.)

I say:
So what: No candy consumer has ever heard of Modernista. As long as the creators of the Skittles piece ( acknowledge the influence - who cares?

Yummy: When was the last time you spent time on a candy website?

Big deal: Generating a single digit percentage of the Twittersphere conversation is a big deal. But in reality, a speck in the landscape of consumerville. I'll bet the average Skittles target hasn't even heard about all of the hub-bub. Yet.

What about you? Feeling the Skittles love?

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Dirk Lemon said...

I have to agree - most brands you'd present a "hey, let's give over control of our website to whoever wants it" would tell you to take a hike.

It might not have been a completely pretty sight, but well done to them for doing something genuinely bold.

To me it raised the question of what a run of the mill website is really good for (assuming you don't sell online), save basic product info.

I mean, not only do we not spend time on candy websites, outside of our jobs the bald truth is we spend little time on brand websites full stop.

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