say goodbye to the blogroll

More SXSW awesomeness! Famous VC dude Guy Kawasaki, founder of Alltop, (the incredible list of all the top everything) has launched your personal Alltop.

It's called MyAlltop. You can think of it as the celebrity playlist for the internet.

We're partial, because BrandFlakesForBreakfast is featured in several Alltop categories. That's how the greatest blog in all of the land rolls, yo.

We haven't set up our own personal Alltop (definitely will soon), but really like the concept. I can see this completely replacing the old practice of including blog rolls (a list of a blogger's favorite blogs) on their blogs. Now you can accomplish the same thing with just one link. Nice.

1 comment:

poppedculture said...

But why would I want to go to a separate page to see what blogs/sites a blogger likes? Seeing them listed on the page with their content lets me get a sense of what they are about and gives some weight to the links. Bury them on a separate page and I assume they are aren't so important.

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