millenials like facebook pages. but don't click on ads.

Check out these these sweet stats, facts and bullet points about millenials and their use of social media. One cool thing: 62% of Millennials admitted they've visited a brand or fan page on a social network; 48% actually joined.

It's not included in the report, but we're also guessing that 74% of millenials actually think the name "millenials" is stupid.


Anonymous said...

It'll be interesting to see how this changes now that Pages are going to be more like Profiles. As a marketer, I'm not a fan of the new design, but if it gets more users to check Pages out and interact, then I guess I'll just have to learn to love them.

Helge Tennø said...

Hi Darryl, thanks for sharing this. :o)

We have been trying for some time now to help our clients understand that Facebook or other social arenas are not regular media channels but conversations.

In fact we see (from Norwegian research) that online is turning from being an information and media channel to becoming more and more a conversational arena. In fact young people (under 20) when asked, think of “the internet” more as technology to enable conversations between friends and family than a media channel.

This begs the question: If serious marketers would never find themselves interrupting an ongoing telephone conversation, why do we let ourselves interrupt a Facebook conversation?

Also, in a very interesting short interview with two 17 year olds by the Norwegian National Broadcaster, the teens said that joining groups on facebook supporting a brand or giving their opinion about products was just as important when it came to making a statement and saying “who they where, their identity” than any other thing.

Which in the end asks the even more important follow-up question: Why don’t we work on igniting conversations, instead of interrupting them?

Helge Tennø

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