meet saul colt.

Saul is one smart dude. And he's got a pretty cool business tip that is especially appropriate while we're in the middle of this depressacession. A tip that's so simple, and yet so powerful that it could have your customers loving you forever.

We suggest you find a way to work this into your brand plan, your life plan and general way of doing business. Just follow Saul's advice, and you can be spectacular, amazing and wonderful. It's easy.

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Anonymous said...

In good times the Playhouse benefits from having such a great community. In bad times we are taking the lead and finding new ways to give back. For example, I'm getting ready to launch a new page on our website that say WE SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS and if you bring in a reciept that week from any locally owned businesses (sorry Starbucks you'll have to rely on the government to bail you out), we'll give you a super cheap ticket to the theater.

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