friday flakes episode eleven

Today's Friday Flakes is taped in the elevator vestibule at Plaid, and is hosted by David, RJ and Darryl.

This week, we chat a lot about SXSW:
+ How David and Darryl were lazy screw ups and didn't post to the BrandFlakes SXSW edition as often as they were supposed to
+ How ATT failed big time in their ability to handle 4000 iPhone tweeters in one place
+ That Twitter has changed the social dynamic and it's now acceptable to ignore your friends while you tweet away
+ How BBQ and Lone Star beer are an acceptable diet
+ The SXSW awards show rocked, and featured a funny parody of the popular Chris Brogan "Open Invitation" video. (Which T-Sand had done an equally funny version, ages ago.)
+ Facebook announced new features of Facebook Connect, which will allow Facebook to connect to your iPhone, among other things

We also announced some exciting news about this summer's PlaidNation tour:
+ Ford Motors has signed on as the first official sponsor to the tour, and we'll be riding in style in a sweet Ford Flex!
+ We've finalized this year's route, and will be visiting Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Branson, Memphis, Jackson and New Orleans.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I can't possibly keep watching Friday Flakes is RJ is going to keep wearing that blasphemous T-Shirt! Go Boston!!

R.J. said...

That's ok, next time i'll wear my "Papi Swallows" t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

The Onion guy is Baratunde Thurston (@baratunde). He actually asked me if he could do the video (which I thought was AWESOME).

re: Detroit to Milwaukee -- Are you hitting up the Mackinac Bridge (Mich UP style) or taking a ferry across the lake (Love Boat style). If you are doing the Upper Peninsula, you'll be coming through Green Bay (and making someone very happy). FREE BEER + brats, just sayin.

RFB said...

Very good news on Ford as sponsor. But please feel free to make fun of the vehicle, as kissing Ford's ass should not be part of the deal.

When you get to Branson, yes - make fun of the obvious things - but you'll find (with the help of some decent locals) that there's more to the place than meets the blue-haired tourist's eye.

Becky Terhaar said...

Congrats on Ford! it bad that all I can think about is the food you'll be eating at these places? Chicago dogs, Memphis/St. Louis BBQ, creole & cajun, oh my!

Giuli said...

I'll try to come over to visit the tour on your Indy stop....

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