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One of the more exciting things that we learned about while attending SXSW this year was Facebook's announcement about their Facebook Connect product.

With the latest version of Facebook Connect, developers can produce iPhone applications that utilize Facebook logins and allow users to share experiences, information and actions with their Facebook friends. Additionally, Facebook Connect has now made it easier than ever to integrate their login into nearly any internet application.

One cool example: Twitter users who are tweeting with Tweetdeck can now send a tweet and decide to publish to their Twitter stream, their Facebook newsfeed, or both. You can also receive your friends status updates in Tweetdeck - so you can magically keep up with everything in one snazzy dashboard.

This has agencies like us pretty pumped. Think about the 175 million Facebook users. And know that more than half of all mobile web traffic is now coming from iPhones.

We see practical uses for nearly all of our clients. iPhone applications that let users play games together. Blog comments that are shared across a user's Facebook news feed. There are countless opportunities, possibilities and solutions. Let's chat. Let's get started.

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Ben Kunz said...

One of my pet theories -- and I have a lot of silly theories -- is that Facebook is trying to become the new Windows operating system for younger demos. This move helps confirm it.

Facebook is now a "sharing platform" that allows other utilities to plug in and swap data -- and now on mobile phones, too. Since younger demos use mobile phones more often than laptop screens, Facebook is in a strong position to become their equivalent of Windows OS. Operating systems like Windows really allow only a few things -- communication, file storage, content creation. Facebook enables each, with a heavier focus on sharing, what younger people want online.

The Facebook Connect move to enable mobile connectivity recognizes the mobility of younger demographics and their need to share. If I can check weather or restaurants or chat on an iPhone and share it all with a buddy via the Facebook platform, Facebook is getting stickier.

It's a smart move.

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