the colonel is coming to fix your roads

KFC just launched a promotion where they'll send the Colonel to five major cities across the nation. To fill potholes.

KFC wants to promote their ability to fill bellies with fresh meat by filling holes with fresh tar. It's a part of their "Fresh Tastes Best" campaign.

Freshening city roads is a cool idea that's sure to make everyone happy. Picking up the cost will make five cities very happy. And the Colonel in road-working safety gear will make the press photographers really happy. Everyone wins. Let's get chicken.

Download the Colonel's open letter to Mayors here: (That link will be live for one week, thanks to the folks at Senduit.)

Colonel: call us. You need a campaign site that tells the story. A big promotion without a url is a missed opportunity. We know people.


Anonymous said...

How does this sell KFC?!

Nothing says chicken leg like hot tar and jacked up asphalt?

Anonymous said...

Not even a Twitter account????!?

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