valentines of death: now available at macys

Many NYC residents are already familiar with ghost bikes. The installations memorialize bikers who have lost their lives to the streets of New York, and are seen throughout the city.

Apparently, the person responsible for designing the Valentine display at Macys flagship store was clueless to the memorials. So their "My Funny Valentine" displays look sick and embarrassing. Unless of course, your customers enjoy laughing at dead cyclists.

A hard lesson in why creative teams need to have market familiarity, and a keen understanding of pop culture.


Anonymous said...

Darryl - that is unbelievable. But ok, I can see how he mistake could have happened.

What is even more shocking, though, was the Macy's representative's response. What a monumental mistake for the retailer.

Anonymous said...

Fitting display given Macy’s is dying.

But I agree with Garret, even if it was unintended, that’s not the point, it’s still out there. Have a clue, respect that, and change it.

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