sometimes you get what you pay for

If you've ever looked at your design firm and said "What???? For a logo??? I could get a logo designed on the internet for $50!!" well then you'll love this little logo design experiment.

Jim Walls, a creative director at 160over90, has published the details of his adventures with $50 should have delivered six logo designs, unlimited revisions and a 1 - 3 day turnaround. It's been a year, and he's still going. Funny. From LogoDesignLove.


Astro Variety said...
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Miles said...

That was too much, friggin' hilarious. I had a client who had a similar experience with logoworks before they called on us.

Ben Kunz said...

There is pressure on all content producers as others move to free. We joke, but just as bloggers are undercutting journalists, do you think freelancers with talent will try to undercut agencies?

Anonymous said...

The odd thing is, the logo on this very site doesn't look at all different from the the Sri Lankan cheese designers.

I'm not saying great designers aren't worth their money - they are. But for someone who isn't looking to launch the next Pepsi (wait, scratch that, their redesign looks like a horrible mistake, but you get the idea) a $50 logo might work just fine in the interim.

Designers don't understand the needs of a start-up. Sometimes crappy design works fine for people to get their idea rolling. There is a need for $50 designers. There is clearly demand for them, so why knock it? Plus, the $50 design makes the truly great design stand out - you need it to show how much better pro design is, when consumers are uneducated.

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