pepsi's gravitational pull

This is either a brilliant viral marketing stunt or an OMG I can't believe that insider look at the background behind the new Pepsi logo.

A PDF floating around the internets titled "Breathtaking" details the theory and background behind the design of the new Pepsi logo. The document ties the logo to design theory as far back as 3000BC, and compares the logo's curves to the gravitational pull of the sun.

Perhaps it's a lesson of what's required to charge a client $2 million for a logo redesign. I tend to believe it's a joke - having a lot of fun with all of the bloggers and design geeks who have had a lot to say about the design of the new Pepsi logo.

Either way, it's internetastic.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping it's a joke for the design geeks, because this thing is just ridiculous! (Though I was wondering what that strange pull was the last time I walked by the beverage isle.)

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