people remember 800 numbers more than urls?

A new study says that people can remember a 800 vanity phone number easier than they can recall a url.

In one of the examples cited - creative could likely be the culprit too. I'd argue that it's easier for anyone to remember 1-800-NEW-AUTO than it is to recall

Oh, and the study was commissioned by 800Response, who just may have a vested interest in the results. ;)


dirkthecow said...

Definitely, 800Response wants to skew the results in a certain way, and it goes to show that beside every piece of research the 1st question is always 'so who is behind it!'

Yet, what I found interesting about this survey was that even when people do on your site, 40% will promptly go and check out your competitors - something they are much less likely to do if they just ring up and talk to a human being.

800marketer said... is a four word brand name vs 1-800 NEW AUTO is a two word generic term. Of course it’s totally skewed.

Brand names also take a while and repeat exposure to develop and become known, but when they are they say much more than what business you’re in. NEW AUTO says what business you’re in but it doesn’t reinforce your identity or what makes you better at all. So even if it was vs 800 NEW AUTO, it wouldn't be fair since that compares a generic term vs a fictitious and unknown brand name.

They could have compared 1-800 NEW AUTO with or 1-800 BAYSIDE with but they chose to compare apples to oranges and just happened to pick old squishy oranges to fresh apples. Wouldn't you know it their study shows that consumers do prefer apples over oranges by 45%. That doesn’t mean consumers actually buy more apples but this apple seller is pretending this marketing is research to justify why they should buy more apples from them.

Bill Quimby
President of

(Yes I’ve sold toll free numbers for 14 years but I don’t think it’s right for anyone to twist the truth even if it benefits me. We don’t need to pass off marketing as research in order to convince people to get their own vanity 800 numbers.)

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darryl ohrt said...

EXCELLENT comment, Bill! Right on.


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