NASA exploring social media

NASA has a bunch of fun links for you to explore, as they delve into the uncharted worlds of social media. They now have a Flickr site, Facebook presence, uStream feed, and about a kabillion Twitter feeds. Lots of fun content to explore.

As a taxpayer, I would like to demand that they clean up the space station. The space scientist girl pictured above clearly has no problem living in what looks like a messy dorm room. The Flickr photo feed has proven that we've sent a bunch of slobs into space. I say clean it up.

From Make the Logo Bigger


Anonymous said...

I love the work they've done on Twitter, so I can't wait to see what they do with the rest of their social media channels.

I recently went to a Social Media Club event where they had a few of the NASA folks speak, including the woman that ran the @MarsPhoenix account, and it sounds like there are some really smart people over there (smart about social media, since everyone there is basically a rocket scientist ;) who know what they're doing and are willing to stick their neck out a bit in order to get NASA to communicate directly with all of us.

Now I just wish the rest of the government would play a little catch-up!

Anonymous said...

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