mint: don't be jealous of us

Mint, the uber-awesome online budget and personal finance tool is growing fast. They announced recently that they're gaining 3,000 new users a day.

That's apparently a lot faster than the tool from Quicken. So the dudes at Quicken sent the people at Mint a letter, trying to get details. The whole thing blew up and made Quicken look like sore losers. Oh, the world of online finance.


Anonymous said...

Apparently a letter like the one Quicken sent is 'standard practice', but it still makes them look silly. Mint must have been ecstatic at the chance to shut them down publicly and promote their own numbers again.

Unknown said...

Quicken must be getting scared. As they should be, my husband and I used Quicken for years, but have made the switch to Mint for 99% of our finances.

We love the iPhone app and it's been great watching our debt go down, in a simple interface that just works.

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