friday flakes episode six

Today's Friday Flakes is hosted by David, Chris and Darryl. (And special appearance by Jason!) In this week's episode, we talk about:

+ How David is a Star Wars geek AND a Friday the 13th geek
+ Darryl's return to the office after a week away
+ Warm weather touches the northeast quadrant
+ An unconventional, conventional pitch

In the World of Social Media, we chat about:
+ The reporter who made a dumbass out of himself on Twitter
+ We introduce a new feature called Tip of the Week (a great idea by Eric Smith) and talk about the cool tool that Ryan Kuder turned us onto, called Skitch

In this week at BrandFlakesForBreakfast, we chat about:
+ How Macy's disrespected dead cyclists
+ Valentwine, and how to find your most compatible Twitter friends (thanks to Atherton Artelby for the link)

Happy Friday the 13th from FridayFlakes!


Anonymous said...

Awww, Dave has a girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we were all a little surprised at first, too...

David Plain said...

I'm pretty suprised myself!

David Plain said...

I mean "surprised."

Anonymous said...

Skitch sounds awesome! Finally, I can explain to David what I want done on our website! Sweet new feature!

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