friday flakes episode seven

Today's Friday Flakes is hosted by David, RJ and Darryl. In this week's episode, we talk about:

+ How Plaidsters spent President's Day weekend
+ Plaid's summer tour planning has begun!
+ We're planning routes across the midwest, looking for cities to visit and sponsors to be a part of the team

In the World of Social Media, we chat about:
+ The Facebook terms of service fiasco
+ People smarter than Darryl
+ Dave mentions orgy photos, and makes us uncomfortable

In this week at BrandFlakesForBreakfast, we chat about:
+ 99 Things you should have already experienced on the internet
+ 100 Dances to 100 songs in 100 places

We also nearly forgot (but ultimately remembered) to talk about those stupid Facebook memes like 30 best albums of all time, or 25 things about you.

Have a great weekend!


Rob Biddiscombe said...

Plaid Tour heads to Mexico!!!

Anonymous said...

Quickest and safest route from Milwaukee to Minneapolis is through Green Bay, just sayin!

If not I'll plan my summer #imagication around your tour stops and join you virtually.

R.J. said...

Did Dave just say orgy? Can we start calling him Orgy Dave? Yes, yes we can.

Kevin said...

I hear that Minneapolis is where its at now so make sure you go there...also David seemed like he was just on the edge of doing or saying something really nuts the whole time...he hinted at it with the "orgy" comment, plus I think he likes Dame Grapestomper a little too much.

RFB said...

I need multiple camera angles and explosions next time.

Anonymous said...

Dave saw Coraline 3-D with his favorite sister on President's Day.

darryl ohrt said...

Thanks, Dave's sister! Now I remember what I did too....I saw Coraline 3D with my favorite son.

Anonymous said...

I could play 100 hours of World of Warcraft! (oh wait I passed that 1000 hours ago).

David Plain said...

Wow, I really need a haircut.

David Plain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob G said...

Come visit us down in Cincinnati for the 2009 tour. We'll take you to a Reds game and buy you lunch at Bridge Worldwide.


Steve F said...

OK, so I've seen 74 of the 99 videos (and after the fact I've now seen 99 of the videos).

I'd say I've lived a very full internet life. My real life however is going to have to continue to take a back seat. My second life is just so demanding, planning for my second life wedding and what-not.

R.J. said...

That's pretty damn impressive Steve

Leigh said...

In regards to the "25 Things" topic... I ran across the official Whole Foods "25 Things" list and thought it was pretty cool actually - such a different story when the list is about a brand.

What a great exercise - allowing consumers to feel like they know the brand better - by listing key benefits and interesting 'little known' facts. I love to see brands participating in Social Media even in the most casual ways... as it makes you feel more connected as a consumer.

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